New with us, laser labelling!

  • Precise laser labelling on various materials.
  • Applicable on various objects.
  • Flexible contract work solutions for your products in series.
  • Permanent decoating and labelling.

Februrary 2024

Precise dosage for perfection in restoration!

C100-4.0 and D3PPSD-04 in action in the restoration project
Einmütigkeit by Ferdinand Hodler (1912-1913), Kunsthaus Zürich.

Januar 2024

Christmas greetings from Matzingen

December 2023

Cartridge stand

  • INOX (1.4301)
  • Compatible with 3 cc, 10 cc, 30 cc and 55cc cartridge, dispensing pen
  • Also usable as multible stand (for work preparation or storage)

February 2023

Benchtop robot

The simple programming requires no special prior knowledge! Our table-top robots have a traversing range between 200x200x50mm and 500x500x100mm. They can be equipped with a dosing system to suit your requirements and the medium to be processed.

September 2022

About S&P

Hand disinfection by means of a pump dispenser

Dosing cyanoacrylate (superglue)

Automatic needle calibration for TR83X00-06 Robot

2K Spraying

Contract work at H. Sigrist & Partner AG

µl-exact spraying with various media

Dosing of silicone

Heating of a drill with complex temperature profile

2K Volume dosing with eco-DUO 450

Micro dosing of shellac

Inductive soft soldering at 200 kHz with temperature control

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